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Southampton Maritime TMD

Post by Steve Blick on Thu Sep 14, 2017 8:43 pm


First Avenue
SO15 0DE

Southampton Maritime is a Freightliner terminal and loco stabling point, located on the south-west side of the Southampton to Bournemouth/Salisbury main line between Millbrook and Redbridge stations.

From junction 3 on the M27, take the M271 into Southampton. Go all the way to the bottom of the M271 and turn left at the roundabout. It is important to stay in the left hand lane, so that you don't go over the flyover. At the next roundabout, turn right where it is signposted to Dock Gate 20. In front of you is a bridge, with the Freightliner Terminal on the left side and the depot on the right side. Do not drive onto the bridge as there is a security barrier just the other side preventing unauthorised people entering the docks. Park on the left as you approach the bridge, or down the side street to the right ( First Avenue ); parking is a lot easier at weekends. Walk onto the bridge to view both sides. Locos are sometimes parked actually under the bridge.

For closer views of the stabling/fueling point, walk down First Avenue about 100 yards to the Securicor depot on the left. Ask permission to Walk down their car park on the left of this building and, if granted, you will find a trampled area of undergrowth by the fence giving clear views across the main line to the fueling point.

The active shunters should be visible from passing trains ( wagons permitting ); the stored shunters may or may not be, depending on where they are positioned on the day. Look to your left when travelling from Millbrook.

Vantage Points: With the amount of depots littered around the country, Maritime has got to be one of the easiest to view. Mentioned in paragraph 2, parking by the bridge is the best option. The bridge parapet isn't particulary high either ( 5.9 ft ish ), so from here, it'll give you an excellent vantage point for the depot. Also, photographic opportunties are equally as good. ... time-2.jpg ... time-1.jpg

Weekends seem to be the best time to visit, as one or two of the shunters maybe be working in and around the nearby FLT's during the week.

Current Allocation:

08530 - Freightliner
08624 - Freightliner Powerhaul

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