Laira T&RSMD, Plymouth

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Laira T&RSMD, Plymouth

Post by Steve Blick on Wed Sep 13, 2017 12:02 am


Laira T&RSMD
Embankment Road

The depot lies in a triangle of lines about 1.5 miles east of Plymouth station.

From the A38 east of Plymouth, take the A374 towards Plymouth centre. After less than 1 mile, and immediately after the junction with the B3214, you will see the depot on the right-hand side of the dual-carriageway. Continue past the depot and take the first right into Lanhydrock Road. Turn first right into Heathfield Road and right at the end into Beaumont Road. As this road swings to the left, the depot can be viewed from the recreation ground on the right with binoculars.

To view the other side of the depot, return to the A374 turning left to drive alongside the depot. Note that this is a busy dual-carriageway and stopping on it is inadvisable; however, halfway along there is a small track where it may be possible to pull off the road and park to view this part of the depot. From the dual-carriageway, take the first left immediately after going over the bridge into Laira Avenue and left into Old Laira Road ( B3214 ). Find somewhere to park safely and walk back to the bridge to view the eastern end of the depot.

Restricted views of the north side of the depot and the carriage sidings can be had from a side street further up Old Laira Road. Upon reaching the 2nd painted island, turn left into Mullet Road and proceed under the railway bridge. Depending on if there are any coaching stock stabled, one or more of the shunters may be viewed from here.

Alternatively, return to the island, turn left and take the next left into Brandon Road. At the end of the road, a footpath goes under the railway and alongside the depot fence for a short way.

Note: Currently, it is unsure whether the footpath has been blocked off at Brandon Road.

Vantage Points: Viewing the shunters at Laira can be quite productive. One option is to park in the bus stop, situated just before the depot entrance on Embankment Road. At least one of the 08's can be seen by the fuelling point or walking down past the carriage sidings. Photographic opportunities are good from here, but it is obviously depending on whether any coaching stock is blocking a clear view.

Another option is Mullet Road, mentioned in paragraph 3. Just after passing under the railway bridge, you will be greeted by a security hut. At this point though, you will be on railway property. If a shunter is present, asking at the hut for a quick look / photo, wouldn't hurt.

Current Allocation:

08641 - BR blue with a light grey roof
08644 - BR blue

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