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St. Blazey TMD

Post by Steve Blick on Tue Sep 12, 2017 11:49 pm


St. Blazey Road
PL24 2LZ

By car, enter St Blazey from the north on the A390 then turn left on to the A3082 ( signposted Fowey ) which goes past the depot. The top end of the yard can be viewed from the vicinity of a gate on the left of this road, and this is where the active shunter can usually be seen. Some stock may be glimpsed through the trees further down towards the main depot entrance.

Immediately after passing the depot entrance, turn left into the Roundhouse industrial area from which the turntable and west end of the depot can be viewed.

A third vantage point can be reached by exiting the industrial estate, and taking the first road on the left. Go across the level-crossing and park safely. Between the level-crossing and the caravan park, there is a public footpath on the left-hand side of the road which runs alongside a stream. Take this footpath to view the rear of the depot through the trees ( winter is best when there are no leaves on the trees ), up to where the footpath crosses the Par - Newquay branch line. By the line crossing is a metal footbridge which leads onto the depot - do not go beyond the end of this footbridge.

On foot from Par station, turn right out of the station gate keeping the station building on your right, and follow the footpath alongside the track, about 500 yards to the road. Keep going when you reach the road and turn right under the railway bridge. After you cross a stream, turn right onto a public footpath, mentioned above.

Note: If travelling by train, the Par to Luxulyan service will suffice. Cost is £2.10 for a return, but please aware that you will most likely to have a 90 minute wait for the returning unit.

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