St. Philips Marsh T&RSMD, Bristol

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St. Philips Marsh T&RSMD, Bristol

Post by Steve Blick on Tue Sep 12, 2017 11:47 pm


KFC Restaurant
Albert Road


St. Philips Marsh T&RSMD
Albert Crescent

The depot is close to Barton Hill, but is not visible from any passing trains.

From the M32, leave at junction 3, and take the 1st exit onto the A4320. Continue along and at the first island, take the 2nd exit. Proceed straight across the traffic lights and at the roundabout, take the 3rd exit into Albert Road. Almost immediately, turn first right and the carriage sidings can be seen from here. One of the shunters may be stabled here. For further views, follow the road around towards the KFC restaurant.

For views of the other depot entrance, go back on the main road and turn right. At the island, take the 2nd exit into Albert Crescent, and the depot entrance is on your right, immediately after passing under the railway.

Alternatively, from Bristol Temple Meads station approach road, turn left onto the dual-carriageway and left at the lights under the railway into Cattle Market Road. Follow this road as it becomes Feeder Road and turn right into Short Street. The main entrance to the depot is on the left just prior to the railway bridge. However, continue under the bridge and left at the roundabout into Albert Road which will take you along side the depot, but offering very limited views. Just before the end of this road, turn left into the KFC and view one end of the depot.

If no shunter is visible from the KFC car park, walk through onto the dual-carriageway and walk onto the bridge to view ( binoculars needed ). Strictly speaking this bridge is No Pedestrians, but several locals seem to use this as shortcut. Beware of the fast traffic.

Warning: It is not advisable to walk all the way across the bridge, due to the footpath not being very wide .

Vantage Points: As with most large depots, viewing the shunters at St Philips Marsh, can prove to be difficult at times. During the week however, the 08's will be obviously active, giving you an easier chance of seeing them both.

There are only two really decent vantage points, the first being the KFC, mentioned in the 1st paragraph. On the approach to their car park, one of the depot entrances will be passed. From here, views of the carriage sidings can be seen, which might include one of the 08's. If you are lucky, looking across to the main shed, could suffice in seeing the other shunter. Photographic opportunties are quite good from here. It really all depends on whether the carriage sidings are empty.

The 2nd vantage point is quite tricky, as you will be on railway property. The depot entrance, situated on Albert Crescent, will give you a view of the main shed, where 08663 is usually stabled. At the top of the driveway, you will be greeted by a security hut and barrier, where asking for a look could prove pointless, or you might just get lucky !

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