Acton Yard

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Acton Yard

Post by Steve Blick on Tue Sep 12, 2017 7:30 pm


Acton Station
Horn Lane
Greater London
W3 9EH

Acton Yard lies to the east of the main line out of Paddington, between Acton Mainline and Ealing Broadway stations.

The easiest way to view the yard is from the train - taking one from Paddington that stops at Acton Mainline will mean that the train will be going slower past the first part of the yard. Look to your right as soon as you go under the bridge at Acton Mainline station and continue looking to your right for the yard. The shunter is unfortunately often hidden by wagons.

There is also a ( distant ) vantage point for the yard from the top of the stairs leading off the platforms at Acton Mainline to the road bridge immediately outside the station.

The other end of the yard can also be seen distantly from the bridge over the main line at the west end of the yard. From Acton Mainline station, turn right and immediately right at the lights into Lynton Road. Park at the junction of Lynton Road and Noel Road and walk onto the bridge to view.

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