Dagenham Dock / Ripple Lane

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Dagenham Dock / Ripple Lane

Post by Steve Blick on Sun Sep 10, 2017 8:53 pm


Dagenham Dock Station
Chequers Lane


Ripple Lane
43 Wivenhoe Road
IG11 0RB

Opening in 1931, the Ford plant covers approximately 475 acres, with the access to the sidings situated adjacent to Dagenham Dock station. Piloted by either by an industrial or a GBRf example, the shunter is best viewed during weekend, when no trains are waiting to be marshalled.

However, it seems when not needed at Ford, the 08 shunts at Ripple Lane, the yard situated about a mile west of Dagenham.
For freight times, use the Dagenham timetable, available through the subscription based Freightmaster website.

Update - As GBRf have taken over the shunting contract from DBS, an 08/09 will no longer be seen in the Ripple Lane area. HNRC provide the short term cover for an failures.

By Car - From the M25, leave at junction 30 and take the A13 towards Dagenham. After just over 5 miles, take the exit for Dagenham East and the A1306. At the roundabout, take the 4th exit, heading underneath the dual carriageway. Turning left onto the A1306 ( New Road ), continue along for roughly 1.5 miles, passing through 3 sets of lights. At the 4th and signposted for Dagenham Dock station, turn left into Chequers Lane, situated immediately before the Argos and Homebase units. The station is at the bottom of this road, although on road parking is hampered by continuous double yellow lines. The shunter, if visible, can be seen from the station footbridge. However, wire meshing will prevent any clear sightings.

For a further view, return to the main road and turn left at the lights. By re-joining the A13, the shunter and other locos can clearly be seen by keeping in the left hand lane and driving past quite slowly. From here, a decent photograph can be achieved, but this will obviously only be a viable option for passengers !!

If the 08 isn't visible at all, it could be at Ripple Lane. From the station, turn left at the lights and join the A13 westbound. From here, keep in the left hand. At reaching the set of traffic lights, turn left into Renwick Road and then 1st right ( Bastable Avenue ) once you've gone over the mainline. Then its 2nd right into Chelmer Crescent and right at the t-junction. Immediately turn left into Wivenhoe Road and as its bears round to the left, look to your right for a possible view of the shunter and other locos. You may have to go all the way along this road, obviously all depending on where it is stabled.

By Rail - By alighting at Dagenham Dock station, the shunter ( and any other locos ) can be seen from either the platform or the footbridge. A London Travelcard, using a zone 1-5, will suffice for this option.

Like mentioned above, the 08 may not be stabled at Dagenham, but at Ripple Lane. If arriving in from the London direction, look to your left on approach to the station ( sit facing the way you are travelling ).

For a closer look, cross the footbridge, heading past the bus terminal and under the A13. Then turn 1st right and continue along to the t-junction. Turn left and 1st right ( Bastable Avenue ) and proceed as per the driving directions.   Walking time approx - 15 mins.

Notes - During the week, it's quite possible that the shunter will seldom be seen, as it's usually inside the Ford complex. However, the weekend and bank holidays, it is stabled by the shunters hut, very easily seen from the station area.

The two roads which run parallel with Chequers Lane, namely Kent Avenue and Thames Avenue, are both private and belong to Ford. Neither locations are accessible to view the shunter.

If arriving by car and you wish to spend some time on the station, the car park has only about 12 spaces, which will obviously fill up very quickly. The approach road has double yellow lines aswell, so no parking options here. However, just a few minutes walk away, is an Asda supermarket. Situated near the Argos and Homebase ( mentioned above ), parking will be free. Ticket barriers are in use on the station, and the cheapest return for access will be £4.40 - tis a bit expensive for a platform ticket !

Update - As GBRf have taken over the shunting contract from DBS, an 08/09 will no longer be seen in the Ripple Lane area. HNRC provide the short term cover for an failures.

Vantage Points - The clearest and most unobstructed view, will be had from the A13 eastbound. These can easily be seen from a driving position, although some locos may not be idable.

The station footbridge will offer a half decent view, but with the construction of wire meshing fences when the HS1 line was built, photography is very poor indeed.

If not at Dagenham, then Ripple Lane could be the next best bet. As long as it is stabled near the mainline, viewing from Wivenhoe Road shouldn't prove to be a problem. This all depends on whether it is blocked in though.

Photos - View from the station footbridge.

Maps - Road.
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