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Hither Green TMD

Post by Steve Blick on Sun Sep 10, 2017 8:30 pm


Hither Green TMD
Manor Road
Hither Green
SE12 0UA

Hither Green depot lies in a triangle of lines formed by the Hither Green - Grove Park and Hither Green - Sidcup lines and a freight-only line.

The depot and yard can be partially seen from passing trains between Hither Green and Grove Park stations, and this is probably the best way to view. Look to the left immediately after leaving Hither Green station. There is virtually no view from the Hither Green to Sidcup line. Hither Green can be reached from Charing Cross, Waterloo East or London Bridge ( get a train to Orpington ).

Partial views of the depot can be had from the station itself, at the extreme south end of the platforms. A path leads to the depot from the south end of platform 4, but a locked gate will prevent any better view than the one you will get from the end of the central platform.

Views of the depot may be possible from the main depot entrance, but again, a locked gate to the car-park will preclude decent views. Exit from the north side of Hither Green station, turn right into Fernbrook Road and continue along, keeping the railway on your right. When you reach Manor Road turn right, go under the railway and then immediately on the right a driveway leads up to the depot. The yard is now on the left and some stock may be seen through the fence from here with binoculars.

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