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Tilbury FLT / IRFT

Post by Steve Blick on Mon Aug 28, 2017 10:14 am


Thurrock Park Way
RM18 7HZ


Ferry Road
RM18 7NH

Opened in 1970, the FLT is owned by Freightliner, with traffic arriving and departing to and from various locations all over the country. To Coatbridge in the north, and Daventry, Ditton, Birmingham, Trafford Park to the Midlands and north west, Felixstowe FLT is also covered, as are Bristol and Leeds.

Situated just a mile or so east, the International Railfreight Terminal host DRS and DBS trains, with workings going to Daventry, Barry Docks and Troste.

By Car - By leaving the M25 at junction 30, take the A13 eastwards towards Tilbury. After approx 3.5 miles, take the exit for Tilbury Docks ( A1089 ). Continue along and on the approach to the roundabout, get in the outside lane. Then take the 3rd exit into Thurrock Park Way, following the road around to either the Asda or McDonalds car park. By parking here, make your way back to the island and follow the road up over the mainline. From the bridge, a head on view of the FLT can be seen, as well as any locos which are stabled. The shunter could be anywhere in the terminal, and will be impossible to identify clearly. Depending on where they are parked, this could also apply to any class 66 or 86's which are here.

For viewing the International Railfreight Terminal, return to the island and follow the A1089 to its entirety. Upon reaching the island, the shunter should be visible on your left hand side, this obviously depending on whether it is blocked in by containers.
Since January 2013, the IRFT has been devoid of a pilot. This doesn't look likely to change in the near future.

By Rail - Tilbury Town is the nearest station for visiting both of the terminals. Unfortunately, the London zonal travelcard doesn't stretch that far. However, trains run every 20 mins from Dagenham, which will cost about £4.40 for a return journey. Given the amount of vegetation, parts of the main terminal may not be visible from a passing train. And as the IRFT is situated at the end of a freight only line, this won't be visible at all from the train.

For the FLT, cross over the footbridge and turn right, passing the entrance to the Port of Tilbury. Just past here, the terminal can be seen from the bridge.   Walking time - 5 mins.

To view the IRFT, you'll need to turn left after exiting the station. Follow this road down to the island, to where the terminal will be on your left hand side. It is worth pointing out, that the footpath swops sides after about halfway from the station, so quite a safe enviroment, given the amount of HGV's that use the road.  Walking time - 10 mins.

Notes - To save time, the industrial estate to which Asda and McDonalds are situated, doesn't give a view of the FLT at all. By viewing from the road bridge, this has a proper footpath, so ok to use. But although there are no double or single yellow lines on the road, it is not wise to park on here.

Vantage Points - Like mentioned above, the road bridge is the only vantage point for viewing the main terminal. The shunter is usually stabled by the entrance to the sidings, and therefore, won't be idable. Binoculars / strong zoom lens is a must for identifying any other locos present here.

The IRFT shunter very seldom gets used during the weekend, and is always seen stabled in the same position, so extremely easy to view and to photograph.

Photos - View of the IRFT terminal.
             Head on view of the main FLT.

Maps - Road - Tilbury FLT.
           Birds eye - Tilbury FLT.
           Ordnance survey - Tilbury FLT.

           Road - Tilbury Riverside.
           Birds eye - Tilbury Riverside.
           Ordnance survey - Tilbury Riverside.                              

Current Allocation:

Both locations are now devoid of a pilot, and this isn't likely to change in the future. However, you will still see classes 66 and 86's stabled in the FLT area, these being visible from the road.

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