Wembley & Stonebridge Park Heavy Repair Depot

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Wembley & Stonebridge Park Heavy Repair Depot

Post by Steve Blick on Mon Aug 28, 2017 9:58 am


Stonebridge Park Heavy Repair Depot
Argenta Way
Greater London
NW10 0RW


Wembley Alstom Traincare Centre
Pendolino Way
Greater London
NW10 0RP

Situated alongside and in between the London Euston to Watford Junction main and local lines, Wembley has two depots. The main one is the Alstom Traincare Centre, to where the Class 390 Pendolino units are maintained. This also provides tyre turning facilities for their own and any other visiting TOC & FOC's fleet.

Stonebridge Park, otherwise known as the heavy repair depot, undertakes the more substantial overhauls on coaching stock and units. Both depots have their own pilot on site, these coming from the Alstom shunter fleet.


By Car - For viewing Stonebridge Park and from the M1 southbound, follow it in its entirety and leave at junction 1, taking the westbound A406 North Circular Road ( 3rd exit ). At the next roundabout, go straight on ( 2nd exit ) and continue along up upon seeing the signs for the A404, this signposted for both Wembley and Harlesden, take the exit slip road and immediately get in the right hand lane. Turning right at the lights, get in the left hand lane and once over the next set, take the 1st left into Point place. Continue along here, turning right and the mini roundabout, this being Argenta Way. From this road, you may be able to pick up some stock which is stabled in the sidings. It's very rare for the shunter to be seen here though, so continue along until you come across a rather nasty speed bump. Turn left under lines and follow around to where it opens out. Technically, you will be trespassing at this point, but staff seem to tolerate enthusiasts, as long as your visit is quick and you don't encroach the boundary fence.

To see the other side of the depot, return to the mini roundabout and go straight on, turning right at the t-junction. Then once under the railway, turn right at the island and then right again into Pendolino Way. As you follow this all the way to the depot gates, you might able to see some stock and locos stabled in the yard. The shunter if in the vicinity, should be visible once you reach the end of the road.

By Rail - For viewing both depots, taking the train will be the best option. Stonebridge Park can easily be seen from the local underground or overground lines, the latter running every 10 minutes from London Euston to Watford Junction. If you want to view on foot, then by alighting at Stonebridge Park, turn left and follow the road and under the lines, as mentioned in the driving directions.

The Alstom depot is a little more tricky to see from the train, but you'll need to take a Euston to Northampton EMU service, as this will be passing Wembley yard a lot slower than the Pendolino's. You will see some locos, these being either class 66's, 67's, 90's and 92's, but as the pilot is usually stabled a lot further over the back, it'll be down to luck on the day to whether it'll be visible during the run past. If wanting to view this part of the area, then upon alighting at Stonebridge Park and turning right, it's right at the junction, right at the island and then right again into Pendolino Way. Then proceed upon reaching the depot gates. For viewing both sheds, you'll need to leave yourself around 45 minutes, obviously all depending on how much time you want to spend at each location. It isn't advisable to hang around though.

Although it is best to combine both run pasts, the main line service doesn't stop at Wembley Central from Euston, so you'll need to alight at either Watford Junction or Harrow & Wealdstone before catching another train to Wembley and then changing again for either Stonebridge Park and a return to Euston. A zone 1-6 travelcard will suffice for Watford Junction services, with Harrow & Wealdstone being in zone 5.

For times and any other details, please follow the link below...

Notes - If visiting both areas on foot, please be aware that you may be challenged and asked to leave immediately. Obviously if arriving in by car, you have the option to just drive in and out, as long as you don't get out. Staff seem to tolerate visitors though, but it seems that this depends on who is on duty and around at the time.

The heavy repair pilot does seem the easiest to view, as it is usually parked in the headshunt when not in use. The Traincare Centre 08 though, this tends to move around fairly often and could be anywhere in the depot vicinity, so viewing this can be hit and miss.

Vantage Points - By using both the local lines and the main line if visiting Wembley by rail, you should be able to see the majority of what's on site. Obviously, some stock will be blocked in by others, this usually being the Traincare pilot. Driving option wise, you will miss the stuff which is parked in the main yards, as this isn't visible from anywhere other than from a passing train.

Photos - Depot car park at Stonebridge Park. The pilot tends to use this area for stabling.
             View you'll get from Pendolino Way. Shunter usually stables in this area when not in use.

Maps - Road.
           Birds eye.
           Ordnance survey.

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