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Battlefield Line

Post by Steve Blick on Sun Sep 24, 2017 8:11 pm


Shackerstone Station
Main Street
CV13 6NW


Market Bosworth Station
Station Road
Market Bosworth
CV13 0PF

Directions and details for the Battlefield Line can be found by following the link below.

Notes - All but a few locos and stock, can be found at Shackerstone. Unfortunately, due to the layout and H&S issues, the main sidings are out of bounds to the public. Because of this, only a small handful can be identified from here.

A small shed is situated at the end of the right hand platform. Again, this is out of bounds to the public. However, a footpath runs off the platform end and up and around the side and back of the shed. Any locos which are parked outside, can be seen from here.

Parking and access to the platforms are free. During the week, the line will most likely to be closed, although this obviously depends on whether trains are running. Due to where the entrance gates are situated, none of the locos and stock can be seen from a public vantage point if closed.

On leaving Shackerstone by train, some stock is parked in the loop ( the headshunt ), situated by the railway bridge on Barton Lane. However, these will be hard to identify if standing on the bridge.

Next station is Market Bosworth, this re-opening to the public on the 19th March 2011. Some locos and stock are stored here, either awaiting restoration or possible scrapping. These are easy to view from the platform, which like the parking here, is free.

Vantage Points - From the car park at Shackerstone, a few locos can be seen clearly, others need to be viewed through the trees. To view the furthest line of locos / stock, you need to leave the railway. From the entrance, turn right and over the canal and then turn first left. This is Station Road. Continue down here and park up immediately after passing over the canal. From here, you need to carry on by foot, as this road turns into a bridal path. The line of stock can be seen by looking to your left, just after passing under the railway bridge. If visiting in the spring / summer, your view could be hampered by vegetation.

The railway bridge on Barton Lane, mentioned in the notes, will only give you a partial view of the stock. Access to the adjacent wood is possible, although it involves a good walk. From this bridge, head towards Barton village. Upon reaching the first house on your left, park up and take the style and public footpath. Initially, this takes you away from where you need to go. However, you must follow this path until out of sight, as either side of the well worn path is private property.

As for Market Bosworth, viewing of any stock is easy now the station has re-opened.

Photos - View from Shackerstone car park.
Shackerstone shed - front.
Shackerstone shed - rear.
Market Bosworth station view.

Maps - Road - Shackerstone.
Birds eye - Shackerstone.
Ordnance survey - Shackerstone.

Road - Market Bosworth.
Birds eye - Market Bosworth.
Ordnance survey - Market Bosworth.

Current Allocation:

D2867 - Green with full yellow ends
D2310 - BR blue ( carries 04110 )
12083 - Tilcon blue ( currently at Market Bosworth )
20063 - CFD orange with a white solebar ( carries the number 2002 )
31101 - BR blue
33008 - BR green ( carries its pre-tops number D6508 )
33019 - Civil Link
33208 - BR green ( carries its pre-tops number D6593 )
45015 - BR blue ( currently at Shackerstone headshunt )
47640 - Large logo
56009 - Light blue
58012 - Freight Mainline
58023 - Mainline
73114 - Large logo

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