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Bescot TMD / Yards

Post by Steve Blick on Sun Sep 24, 2017 8:10 pm


Westmore Way
West Midlands
WS10 0TR


Bescot Stadium Station
Bescot Crescent
West Midlands


Engineers Yard
Sandy Lane
West Midlands
WS10 0LH


Woodlands Social Club
Kent Road
West Midlands
WS10 0SN

Once home to a large number of locos, including class 08's, 20's, 31's and 47's, Bescot no longer has an allocation. Now used mainly for wagon maintenance, the 3 road shed also has refuelling facilities. Both the south and north yard still sees regular freight traffic, although this is only piloted by just one shunter when required, as it spends the majority of the time in the engineers and virtual quarry sidings. For freight times, use the Walsall timetable, available through the subscription based Freightmaster website.

By Car - From the M6, leave at junction 9 and take the A461 towards Walsall. From here, immediately get in the right hand lane. Continuing along the A4148 Wallows Lane, passing through two sets of lights, turn right at the 3rd set into Bescot Crescent. Just after the bend and immediately opposite Walsall Football Club, turn into Bescot Stadium station car park. Views of the north yard and depot can be had from either the platforms or footbridge.

Alternatively, if the active pilot isn't in view, then its most likely to be working the engineers yard. Turn right from the car park, then right again into Brockhurst Crescent. At the end of this road, turn right onto West Bromwich Road and after passing under the motorway, get in the right hand lane and turn right at the traffic lights ( Sandy Lane ). Then at the bend, turn into the approach road and over the railway. Good views of the engineers and south yard can be seen from here.

There is one other vantage point, although it's unlikely that the shunter will venture in this part of the yard. By returning to Sandy Lane, turn right and follow for approx 0.5 miles, turning 2nd right into Remembrance Road. Then its 1st right into Kent road and then 1st right again. Upon reaching the Woodlands social club, park up and walk straight across the field towards the railway. From here, partial views of the yard can be had.

Occassionally, you may be able to see some wagons / locos from the depot entrance, although this is very few and far between. From the above mentioned social club, carry on in the direction you were travelling and turn 2nd right into Rutland Road. Then right into Pemberton Crescent and the depot entrance will be directly in front of you after about 300 yards.

By Rail - If coming from the Birmingham direction, the shunter could very well be seen in the engineers sidings, visible just after passing through Tame Bridge. If facing in the direction of travel, look to your right. If unsuccessful, then alight at Bescot Stadium. To view the engineers yard, leave the station and turn right after crossing over the River Tame. By following the path, you will be able to see and possibly identify any locos and wagons that are in the yard. Walking time - approx 10 mins.

Notes - The yard pilot only tends to operate in the engineer and virtual quarry sidings. However, it does occasionally make its way up to the depot area, either for fuelling or bringing up crippled wagons for repairs.

The station car park and platform access are free. However, the station has no amenities, in terms of toilets. By turning left from the car park, a McDonalds restaurant is just a few minutes walk away.

The long line of stored locos which occupied the centre yard, have long gone. These were easily viewed from the rear of the social club. Occassionally, some locos will be stabled near here, although this will tend to be over a weekend, more so on a sunday. Departmental wagons are sometimes parked here, aswell as visiting on-track plant ( OTP ).

If wishing to view from the depot gates, you will be extremely fortunate to see anything, as you can't see inside the shed, nor does anything get stabled in this area. The loading and unloading is done from here, but as all but a few of the stored locos have gone, this proceedure is now very rarely performed.

If arriving by car and wishing to walk alongside the river to view stock and locos from the virtual quarry and other parts of the yard, it is unadvisable to use the Sandy Lane vantage point to park. Due to a few break ins, it isn't wise to leave your car here for more than a few minutes. As it'll be out of sight, it is best to use the station car park instead, as this is much safer, with the area covered by CCTV.

Vantage Points - If the yard pilot, or any other loco are in the virtual quarry or north yard vacinity, both the station platforms and footbridge offer excellent viewing areas. Unfortunately, due to the overhead wires and stantions, photography from the footbridge is pretty poor.

Viewing the engineers yard is extremely easy, as most stuff can be seen from the railway bridge. Binoculars or zoom lens will be required for identifying some stock though. This position will also give view excellent views of the mainline.

Photos - View from the station.
Depot gate view.
Sandy Lane / Engineers Yard view.
View from the station footbridge.
From the rear of the social club.

Maps - Road.
Birds eye.
Ordnance survey.

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