Derby Bombardier Works, Litchurch Lane

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Derby Bombardier Works, Litchurch Lane

Post by Steve Blick on Sun Sep 24, 2017 7:56 pm


Bombardier Works
Litchurch Lane
DE24 8AD

Address ( for rear view of Bombardier )

Woodland Property Services
Long Bridge Lane
DE24 8UJ


Cromwell Industrial Tools
City Gate
DE24 8WY

Undertaking new builds for London Underground and latterly London Midland ( 2011 ), Litchurch Lane Works is home to Bombardier Transportation. Situated just a few hundred yards from Derby station, the former BREL and Adtranz site, has previously seen the construction of the class 482 Waterloo & City units, the class 325 Royal Mail parcel EMU's, aswell as the class 158, 159, 168, 170 and 171 DMU's.

By Car - By leaving junction 25 on the M1, follow the A52 towards Derby. After approx 6 miles, take the exit for Pride Park. Passing Toys R Us on your left, take the 3rd exit at the island and follow the signs for Pride Park. Continue over the next two islands and upon reaching the 3rd, take the 1st exit for the A6, signposted for Loughborough. Over the next island ( 3rd exit ), over the railway and at the next roundabout, take the 2nd exit into Ascot Drive. From this point, take the 2nd turning on your right into Long Bridge Lane, this situated adajcent to the Build Centre shop. Follow this road around till you come to the CEF building. Immediately after this, turn right and parts of the works can be seen from here.

Alternatively, return to the main road and turn right. At the set of traffic lights, turn right onto the A514 Osmaston Road. At the next set, turn right into Litchurch Lane, looking to your right as you proceed along. Any one of the shunters could be seen from this road, obviously all depending on where they are stabled or working. If no luck, park up and turn right on London Road and proceed for about 300 yards, turning right into City Gate. From here, there is only one vantage point, this being the turning before the Cromwell building. Unfortunately, the ever increasing vegetatation could very well hamper any view at all.

By Rail - By leaving the station via the main entrance, turn left and make your way across the taxi rank and pedestrian area. Follow the road ( Nelson Street ) up towards the Royal Mail and then left into Noble Street. Upon reaching the main road, turn right into Litchurch Lane, immediately after going over the railway. At this point, you may see one or more shunters from over the wall. This is just over 6ft though. For further views, carry on down the road, looking through the fence as you do. At the weekend, it is likely that one of the pilots will be stabled over the far side. Various units / wagons are usually in this area aswell. Proceeding a bit further one, you'll come to the Bombardier main entrance. No chance of gaining entry, but you may very well see some stock from here.

To view the other side of the works, carry on up to the traffic lights and turn left. Follow this road to another set of lights and turn left. Keep looking to your left whilst on this road, as you may see units / stock or the shunters through the slats in the fence. Once on Ascot Drive, take the 3rd left in to Long Bridge Lane and follow round to just past the CEF building. There is just one more vantage point, this being on City Gate, mentioned in the driving directions. Walking time - approx 1.5 hours

Notes - If using the car option, then it may be a good idea to take a milk crate / small step ladders, as the wall on Litchurch Lane is quite high.

It has been known for security to be slightly over zealous, when it comes to hanging around the entrance for photos etc. As you are on the public highway, ignore any threats / comments which may come your way. You are doing nothing illegal.

Vantage Points - Unfortunately, as the complex is so vast, the shunters could be anywhere. If you have the time, it is best to explore all avenues, as you may get lucky.

Although the vantage point on Long Bridge Lane is the most clearest for seeing into the works, it may be a option to try Wincanton Close, which is the next turning off Ascot Drive. Buildings etc may hamper any clear view, but you could get a glimpse of the shunters from inbetween the units.

Photos - View from Litchurch Lane.
View from Long Bridge Lane / Woodland Property Services.

Maps - Road.
Birds eye.
Ordnance survey.

Current Allocation:

08602 - Bombardier blue ( carries 004 )
08682 - Purple cabs, with a blue, red and green bodyside banding

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