Derby RVEL ( Loram ) / Etches Park T&RSMD

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Derby RVEL ( Loram ) / Etches Park T&RSMD

Post by Steve Blick on Sun Sep 24, 2017 7:55 pm


London Road
DE24 8UP


Offices Estate / Etches Park
Pride Point Drive
DE24 8BX

Built in the early 60's for railway technical research, the former RTC complex is now home to RVEL ( Railway Vehicle Engineering LTD ), Serco and Network Rail. Research is no longer carried out at the premises, the site now used for carrying out repairs to locos and stock. It is also used for the stabling and maintenance of the Network Rail trains.

Announced on the 28th July 2016, Loram Maintenance acquired RVEL and despite these being American owned, they are the UK’s leading provider of rail head treatment, rolling stock engineering and bespoke train operation services.

Etches Park T&RSMD is host to the Meridian class 222, aswell as seeing visiting DMU's for fuelling and maintenance, including class 156 and 158 units. Also on site, a large wheel lathe shed was opened on the 10th September 2009, this seeing a number of Freightliner and GBRf class 66 locos using the facilities.

By Car - By leaving junction 25 on the M1, follow the A52 towards Derby. After approx 6 miles, take the exit for Pride Park. Passing Toys R Us on your left, take the 3rd exit at the island and follow the signs for Pride Park. Continue over the next two islands and upon reaching the 3rd, take the 1st exit for the A6, signposted for Loughborough. At the next, take the 4th exit onto Orient Way and turn immediately left then right. From this estate, parts of the RVEL and Etches Park can be seen from here, although you may have to drive around to find the right position. Alternatively, by returning the main A6 island, turn left and left again at the next island. However, like the estate mentioned above, you may have to drive around to find the right spot.

To view the sidings from the other side of the mainline, return to the island and turn right. Continue straight over the next island and after crossing over the railway, turn right at the roundabout ( 3rd exit ). Follow this road ( London Road ) up until you start to climb up over the Burton line. From this point, turn left into Litchurch Lane. By parking here and returning to the main road, a good view of RVEL and Etches Park can be had, although a strong zoom lens or binoculars will be needed to view most of the stock.

By Rail - By alighting at Derby, both the RVEL and Etches Park can be easily be done in one loop. You will need to leave yourself at least 1.5 hours though, obviously all depending how long you need to spend at each location.

By leaving the station via the main entrance, turn left and make your way across the taxi rank and pedestrian area. Follow the road ( Nelson Street ) up towards the Royal Mail and then left into Noble Street. Upon reaching the main road, turn left and both areas can be viewed from the railway bridge. To view the other side of the mainline, carry on past the former RTC office buildings and turn left into Deadman's Lane. At the end of this road and immediately opposite the works entrance, take the public footpath, which leads into the offices estate. From here, you'll be able to have an head on view of the carriage sidings, aswell as possibly seeing inside the shed if the doors are open. The footpath comes out by the island on Orient Way, mentioned in the driving directions. For further views, proceed as if using the car. Walking time - approx 1.5 hours.

Alternatively, if you wish to use the train, then taking a Spondon return will suffice. Upon leaving Derby, the unit will be going fairly slowly, giving you chance to view some of the stock. Obviously, you are going to miss some which are blocked in / stabled out of sight, so it may be worth combining both the train and walking options. For a return journey, it'll cost you approx £2.90.

Notes - If travelling by car and wanting to use the offices estate view, please be aware that parts of these are thought to be on private property. If visiting during the week, parking may also be a problem. However, during the weekend, all are closed, leaving you to drive around at your will.

Vantage Points - Due to the layout of both areas, it is advised to explore all vantage points, as you'll miss some stock if just sticking to one place. From the London Road view, you'll get good views of Etches Park, although a strong set of binoculars will be required. Same applies to the RVEL complex. However, parts of this yard will be blocked by buildings. To warrant seeing the majority of what's on shed here, it would be better to combine both the London Road and a passing train option.

The Etches Park pilot is fairly easy to view. However, this cannot be said the same for the RVEL pilots, especially if viewing during the weekend. As Network Rail / DRS stable their trains here, this could result in the 08's being blocked in.

The London Road spot will also give you excellent views and photographic opportunties of trains arriving and departing the station.

Photos - Office estate view - 1.
Office estate view - 2.
RVEL from London Road.
Etches Park from London Road.
Station view from London Road.

Maps - Road.
Birds eye.
Ordnance survey.

Current Allocation:

08417 - Network Rail yellow
08536 - BR blue
08899 - LMS Crimson Lake maroon ( Etches Park pilot )
20154 - BR green
31233 - Network Rail yellow
31459 - FM Rail black
37407 - Large logo
37409 - DRS
37603 - DRS
45118 - BR blue
55009 - BR blue
73101 - Pullman brown & cream
73139 - Light grey
73211 - Gatwick Express

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