Ketton Cement Works

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Ketton Cement Works

Post by Steve Blick on Sun Sep 24, 2017 7:49 pm


Ketton Works
Castle Cement LTD

The entrance to the cement works is on the main road just to the east of the village of Ketton in Leicestershire on the A6121, about 12 miles west of Peterborough.

Ask at the gatehouse if you can speak to reception about seeing the shunters, and if you are lucky, and they have someone available, they may get someone to escort you to see them. Better still, contact Castle Cement in advance and see if you can organise a specific time to visit. Having your own hard-hat, hi-viz jacket and safety goggles will help, but is not essential.

One shunter works the cement trucks, and this may be visible distantly from the side road to the east of the works that runs north from the A6121. The other shunter works the coal wagons to and from the main line, and if you are not able to be shown around the works, you can wait by the rail bridge just east of the works entrance for it to trip down to the man line (but you might have a long wait).

The shunters are not visible from a passing train as the cement works is on a freight-only line.

Note: If visiting on a weekend, please get in touch with Castle Cement directly before travelling. By turning up on spec, you may be turned away, due to the lack of staff being available to escort you around to see the 08's.

Current Allocation:

08375 - RT Rail black ( carries the no.21 )
08870 - RMS Locotec grey ( carries H024 on its solebar )

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