Nemesis Rail LTD, Burton on Trent

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Nemesis Rail LTD, Burton on Trent

Post by Steve Blick on Fri Sep 22, 2017 10:56 pm


Nemesis Rail LTD
Burton Depot
Derby Road
Burton on Trent
DE14 1RS


Herron Windows LTD
Burton Enterprise Park
Hawkins Lane
Burton on Trent
DE14 1QG

Formed in 2007 after the demise of FM Rail, Nemesis Rail was set up to repair and maintain locos and stock, mainly for the private owners sector. They also have a small number of locos on their books, including an 08, a number of class 47's and a couple of class 73's. Moving from their previous set up at Barrow Hill, Nemesis Rail took over the defunct wagon works Burton depot in July 2011.

During early October 2015, Riviera Trains also took up residence, the site providing storage and maintenance for its rolling stock.

By Car - From the M1, leave at junction 24 and take the A50, signposted for Stoke on Trent. Continue along for approx 11 miles and upon reaching the slip road for the A38, exit the dual carriageway. At the island, take the 2nd exit, following the A38 southbound towards Burton. Leave at the next main junction, which is signposted for Burton North ( A5121 ), and follow along, passing over a island and a McDonalds. Upon reaching a 2nd island, get in the right hand lane and carry straight over ( 2nd exit ), following the sign for the railway station. About 0.5 miles, turn left into a small industrial estate, immediately before the Total garage. From the depot gate, some locos can be seen from here.

Alternatively and for another view of the north end of the shed, head back towards the island and take the 4th exit ( B5018 ). Turn first right into an industrial estate and park up. Walk back to the bridge, where good views of the depot can be seen, although a set of bins / zoom lens would be useful in identifying the locos.

A further side on view can be had of the depot, this being from the Burton Enterprise park on Hawkins Lane. From the parking point mentioned in the last paragraph, the industrial estate is just a few hundred yards down the road. Look out for the Herron Windows unit, and upon turning in, follow the drive right to the very end. By climbing up a small bank, some locos which will be visible from the railway bridge, will be idable from here. These will only be the ones closest to the mainline though.
The bank is now unaccessable, due to an erection of a fence ( October 2013 ).

For a view of the south end of the shed, turn right from the industrial estate and head down Hawkins Lane towards the traffic lights. On the approach, get in the right hand lane and turn right into Horninglow Road ( A511 ). After passing over the railway, turn left at the island and then immediately left again. Find somewhere to park and then return to the bridge. Binoculars or zoom lens will be required to identify the locos.

By Rail - From Burton station, turn left and cross over. Follow the path around to the right and continue along, going straight over the island into Derby Road. Once you've reached the Total garage, proceed as mentioned in the driving directions.   Walking time - approx 20 mins.

Alternatively, a Burton to Derby service would suffice, as the train passes the depot fairly slowly. A return journey costs about £5.80.

Notes - If using the railway bridge vantage point ( Horninglow Road ), mentioned in the 4th driving directions paragraph, the footpath is only on one side of the road. And typically, its on the south side, with any passing traffic blocking your view of the depot.

To save wasting any time on driving around, only one of the industrial estates on Hawkins Lane, give any views of the depot at all. This is mentioned in the 3rd paragraph of the driving directions. If visiting on a weekend, especially on a sunday, you may find the gates to be shut. Weekdays and possibly a saturday, these will stay open until about 5pm, when the businesses start to close for the day. As the bank is awkward to negotiate, taking a small crate or something similiar to stand on, would be a good idea.

Vantage Points - The three best options are the depot entrance, the railway bridge on Hawkins Lane and from a passing train. However, if you are only using the train, you may not see all of the locos. These could either be hidden from coaching stock, other locos, or from the ever increasing vegetation. To see everything which is parked outside, using a combination of the three, could prove to be the most fruitful option.

Photos - Depot entrance view.
            View from Hawkins Lane railway bridge.
          Side on view from Burton Enterprise park.

Maps - Road.
         Birds eye.
         Ordnance survey.

Current Allocation:

D2324 - Light blue  ( carries 2324 )
08168 - BR black  ( carries 13236 )
08500 - EWS  ( situated in line next to mainline )
08575 - Freightliner
08704 - Oxford blue
08711 - RES
08891 - Freightliner
08918 - Departmental grey  ( situated at headshunt in line next to mainline )
08994 - EWS  ( situated in line next to mainline )
09006 - EWS  ( situated in line next to mainline )
- Departmental grey  ( situated at headshunt in line next to mainline )
20069 - BR blue  ( carries its pre-tops number D8069 )
20903 - DRS blue  ( situated in line next to mainline )
20904 - DRS blue with red solebar  ( situated in line next to mainline )
25067 - BR green  ( carries its pre-tops number D5217 )
25265 - BR blue
26004 - Freight Coal
26011 - BR blue
31203 - BR green  ( carries its pre-tops number D5627 )
31285 - Network Rail yellow
31461 - Civil Link
33012 - BR green  ( carries its pre-tops number D6515 )
37198 - Network Rail yellow
37227 - Freight Unbranded  ( doesn't carry any numbers at present )
45112 - BR blue
47375 - BR blue
47488 - Two tone green
47701 - Two tone green
47744 - EWS

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