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Severn Valley Railway

Post by Steve Blick on Fri Sep 22, 2017 10:37 pm


Kidderminster Shed
Hoo Road
DY10 1NB


Bewdley Station
Station Road
DY12 1DU


Bridgnorth Station
Hollybush Road
WV16 5DT

Notes - The main shed at Bridgnorth can easily be seen from the platform and footbridge. Out of the SVR shunter allocation, only 08471 ( D3586 ) is likely to be here, as this is used as the depot pilot. Other mainline locos visit as and when. Of note, the shed is out of bounds to the public.

Car parking is £3, whether this being a short or a long stay. This is via a pay and display method. Station access however, is free.

Bewdley is home to the carriage and wagons works. The shed area is sometimes open to the public. The BR green liveried D2957 operates as the resident pilot here. Short or long stay parking is £3. Platform access, like Bridgnorth, is free.

End of the line is Kidderminster, which has an extended carriage shed and a turntable. The majority of locos awaiting repairs or restoration is kept here, most of them visible from a mainline spanning footbridge. The station car park is £3.70 for long and short stay, this during the week. Weekends and bank holidays are £2.30. Platform cost is unknown.

However, if arriving by car, it will be better and cheaper to use a pay & display by Kidderminster Harriers FC. By turning left out of the station, take the 2nd left into Hoo Road. Then turn 3rd left into Stadium Close, this situated immediately before the football club. The car park here is free for the first hour, £1.20 ( 2 hours ) and £2 ( 3 hours ). The footbridge mentioned in the last paragraph, is situated by the car park entrance. Apart from 08015 ( D3022 ), which acts as the station and carriage siding pilot, both D2960 and D2961 are also used. The former is mainly used in the old goods shed, situated alongside the mainline.

Other stations along the route will have some rolling stock stabled - these being Arley, Highley and possibly Hampton Loade. It would be rare to see a loco parked at these locations, but these will most likely to be steam as opposed to diesel anyway.

Vantage Points - The shed at Bridgnorth can easily be viewed from the station area.

Bewdley wagon works and rolling stock can be seen from the station car park. D2957 is usually parked and seen from the gate. Like mentioned in the notes, it is open to the public at times, this all dependant on whether the gate is open.

The footbridge at Kidderminster is an excellent viewing point, both for the shed area and the mainline. If using a passing train option though, most of the locos will be hidden.

Photos - View of Bridgnorth shed.
             View of Highley station from the footbridge.
             Kidderminster station from the footbridge.
             The mainline and shed area from the footbridge at Kidderminster.

Current Allocation:

08015 - BR green  ( carries its pre-tops number D3022 )
08133 - BR green  ( currently at Kidderminster )( carries its pre-tops number D3201 )
08471 - BR green  ( Bridgnorth pilot )( doesn't carry any numbers at present )
08635 - BR blue
08896 - EWS  ( currently at Kidderminster, under a tarpulin )
09012 - BR green  ( currently at Kidderminster )( carries its pre-tops number D4100 )
09107 - EWS  ( doesn't carry any numbers and EWS lettering at present )( currently at Kidderminster )
12099 - BR black
20177 - BR blue  ( currently situated alongside the main shed at Kidderminster )
31271 - Freight Aggregates
33035 - BR blue
D7029 - BR blue  ( partially under a tarpulin )
D821 - Maroon
45060 - BR blue
50031 - Intercity Mainline
50035 - BR blue
50044 - BR blue
D1013 - BR blue  ( under a white tarpulin at Bridgnorth )
D1015 - Maroon
D1062 - BR blue
55022 - BR blue

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