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Toton TMD

Post by Steve Blick on Fri Sep 22, 2017 10:34 pm

Address - 1  ( for bank )

Bessell Lane

Address - 2  ( for bank - closest but not exact )

Epsom Road
Long Eaton

Address - 3  ( for the canal - closest but not exact )

Willoughby Avenue
Long Eaton
NG10 4JA

Address - 4

Midland Street
Long Eaton
NG10 1NY

Toton is on the western outskirts of Nottingham. From junction 25 of the M1, take the A52 towards Nottingham. Continue to the first roundabout passing over the main line with Toton off to your right. At the roundabout turn right on the B6003 to Long Eaton, and after about one mile, turn right at the lights into Banks Road. Follow this road through the housing estate until it ends at a bus turning circle/roundabout. Park here, and walk off to the left through the vegetation until you emerge on top of a high bank with Toton Training Compound spread out in front of you and Toton depot to your right. Walk along the bank to the north to view all of the depot. Binoculars required.

In order to view the other side of the Training Compound, return to the traffic lights at the start of Banks Road and turn right onto the B6003. At the T-junction, turn right onto the A6005. Keep straight on this road into Long Eaton, and after the second roundabout, turn right by the church into College Street. After about half-a-mile, turn right into Willoughby Avenue and park at the end of the road. Take the marked footpath from the end of the road over a canal bridge then over another small narrow footbridge, to view the back of the depot and Training Compound.

From M1 northbound, take the 2nd exit ( 5th exit if travelling South ) into Bostock Lane, signposted Sandiacre. At the set of traffic lights, turn right onto the B5010 ( Derby Road ). Continue over the traffic lights at the bottom of the hill, passing the entrance for Toton TMD on your right. Immediately after the railway bridge, turn right into Bessell Lane and proceed right to the very end of the road. Upon parking the car, head past the gate, climbing up the hill. Toton TMD can be seen from here.

Note: Although there is room to park at least 4 cars, be aware of vehicles arriving to the adjacent scrapyard

For front end views and the headshunt of the depot, head back down Bessell Lane and park underneath or just by the A52 road bridge. To your right, climb the well worn bank up to the dual carriageway. Proceed to your left and upon reaching the bridge paraphet, the depot can be seen, with binoculars, from here. It might be a good idea to take a milk crate or something similiar to stand on, as the wall is about 6ft high.

For a view of the south end of the yard, park at the Asda supermarket in Long Eaton town centre and take the public footpath, situated by the rear of the store. Follow the path to the footbridge, where views of the mainline can also be had, along with excellent photo oppotunities.

Current Allocation:


60003 - EWS  ( currently situated at the north headshunt )
60007 - DBS red
60009 - EWS
60012 - EWS
60013 - Freight EWS
60019 - DBS red
60022 - EWS  ( currently situated at the south end of the depot )
60030 - EWS  ( currently situated at the south end of the depot )
60033 - Corus silver  ( currently situated at the north headshunt )
60041 - EWS
60043 - EWS
60047 - EWS
60048 - EWS
60051 - EWS  ( currently situated at the south end of the depot )
60052 - EWS  ( currently situated at the south end of the depot )
60056 - Freight EWS
60058 - EWS
60061 - Freight Transrail  ( currently situated at the north headshunt )
60063 - DBS red
60064 - Freight EWS
60066 - Silver
60068 - Freight EWS
60073 - Freight EWS  ( currently situated at the south end of the depot )
60077 - Freight EWS  ( currently situated at the south end of the depot )
60080 - EWS  ( currently situated at the south end of the depot )
60095 - Freight EWS
60500 - EWS  ( currently situated at the south end of the depot )
67001 - Arriva blue
67007 - EWS

Compound / Scrap line

60008 - EWS
60034 - Freight EWS
60036 - EWS
60057 - Freight EWS
60069 - EWS
60070 - Freight Loadhaul
60072 - Freight EWS
60075 - EWS
60084 - Freight EWS
60090 - Freight EWS
60094 - EWS
60098 - EWS

Yard / Bank Sidings

60004 - EWS
60005 - EWS
60006 - Corus silver
60014 - Freight EWS
60018 - EWS
60023 - EWS
60025 - EWS
60027 - EWS
60031 - EWS
60032 - Freight Transrail
60037 - EWS
60042 - EWS
60050 - EWS
60053 - EWS
60060 - Freight EWS
60067 - Freight EWS
60078 - Mainline EWS  ( doesn't carry any numbers )
60081 - GWR green
60083 - EWS
60086 - Freight EWS
60088 - Freight EWS
60089 - EWS
60093 - EWS
60097 - EWS

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