Washwood Heath Cemex Terminal / BARS / Boden Rail

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Washwood Heath Cemex Terminal / BARS / Boden Rail

Post by Steve Blick on Fri Sep 22, 2017 10:31 pm


Cemex Rail Products
Aston Church Road
Washwood Heath
B8 1QF


Vauxhall Dealership
Heartlands Parkway
B7 5AH

In Birmingham, the A47 Heartlands spine road runs parallel to Washwood Heath yard and the stone terminal. The section of the A47 you need runs immediately south of, and parallel to, the M6 just east of junction 6. Halfway along the spine road is a bridge that goes over the lines to the old Metro-Cammel / Alstom works. The road into the works is private, but the bridge itself is believed to be a public road, and it should even be alright to park on the bridge ( it is quite wide ). This bridge offers good views of the western end of the yard along with views of the main line, also the Cemex stone terminal sidings can be seen from here. Walk either way along the A47 to view the yard and Cemex sidings ( the A47 is busy, but there is a safe footpath ).

Leave the M6 at Junction 6 and take the A38 towards Lichfield. Move into the outside lane & turn right at the traffic lights into Wheelwright Lane, signposted Stechford. Follow this road ( Bromford Lane ) straight ahead and at the large roundabout under the M6, turn right onto the A47 ( Heartland Parkway ). The yards will be visible on your left, and the bridge to the works is about half-a-mile on the left.

Alternatively, to view the other side of the mainline, head past the gas holders, turning left at the island into Aston Church Road. Turn left, immediately after passing the scrap yard and continue along under the Aston to Stechford mainline bridge. Also, watch out for a few nasty speed bumps as you proceed. Just after going over the railway lines, which was used for Metro Cammel, pull up on the verge, making room for the constant barrage of HGV's. Looking straight ahead into the Cemex sidings, the 08 can be seen from here.

Viewing Boden Rail ( the former Alstom Works ) can be difficult, as it is on a much higher level than the mainline / sidings. From the above mentioned verge, a few locos may be seen, but the numbers may not be visible. For an alternative vantage point, return back to the dual carriageway ( A47 ), pass under the railway bridge, and take the 3rd exit, turning into the Vauxhall dealership. From their entrance road, a clearer view of the locos can be seen, although you will need a set of binoculars to id them.

Note: Unfortunately, the above mentioned vantage point, is the only public one available for Boden Rail.

https://i298.photobucket.com/albums/mm28 ... dHeath.jpg

Current Allocation:

Cemex Terminal

08484 - Dark grey


NS690 - RMS blue & grey  ( carries the No.16 on its toolbox )
31454 - Intercity
50008 - BR blue
56103 - Fertis


07005 - BR green  ( carries its pre-tops number D2989 )
20227 - London Underground grey and red
25309 - BR green  ( carries its pre-tops number D7659 )
37314 - Blue primer  ( doesn't currently carry any numbers )
47727 - Colas
50017 - Network SouthEast
50050 - BR blue  ( carries D400 aswell )
55016 - BR green with a lime green solebar
56049 - Colas
56051 - Fertis
56060 - Fertis
56090 - Fertis
56096 - Colas
56105 - Colas
56128 - Grey primer

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