Cambrian Heritage Railways, Llynclys nr Oswestry

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Cambrian Heritage Railways, Llynclys nr Oswestry

Post by Steve Blick on Sun Sep 17, 2017 3:58 pm


Cambrian Heritage Railways
Llynclys South
SY10 8BX

Notes - With Llynclys being the end of the line, all of the CHR's stock will most likely to be seen from the station approach area. However, some may be hidden by rolling stock, these awaiting restoration. The shunter is usually parked in the station vicinity, easily seen from either the platform or car park.

Access to the platform is free, as is parking. During the week, the line will most likely to be closed. Weekends and bank holidays though - gates usually open at 10am. If arriving slightly earlier than that, a side gate may be open, as volunteers are usually getting the trains ready.

Vantage Points - Like mentioned in the notes, most of the stock - including the shunter - can be seen from the station area.

If the gates are closed, the view from the top of the drive is the only vantage point, although a head on view can be had from the railway bridge. As there is only one footpath and this being on the opposite side of the road though, viewing may prove to be difficult.

Photos - View from the station approach.
               View of the stock from the gates.
               The shunter from the station area.

Maps - Road.
            Birds eye.
            Ordnance survey.

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