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Llangollen Railway

Post by Steve Blick on Sun Sep 17, 2017 3:46 pm


Llangollen Station
Abbey Road
LL20 8SN


Notes - Parking in the town is good, although there are no facilities for the station itself. Two pay & display car parks are within easy walking distances ( 5-10 mins ), these situated on either side of the river.

Access to the Llangollen platform is free. For viewing the depot, this is via a ramp at the end of the west end of the platform. Alternatively, the depot entrance road is situated on the A542 Abbey Road, this being just a few hundred yards away from the station. Although there is room to park here, this is strickly for volunteers and residents only.

If wanting a look / guided tour around the shed, it would be a good idea to get in touch with the railway before your visit. Most, if not all of the locos stable at Llangollen, although you may see a few at Carrog if the line has a diesel gala event.

Vantage Points - Unfortunately, the shed area cannot be seen from the station. A passing train will only give you a small view, as the depot is on a much higher ground. However, a partial head on view can be seen from the depot gate, although you won't be able to clearly indentify most of the locos.

Photos - Llangollen station from the main road.
              View of the shed area.

Maps - Road.
           Birds eye.
           Ordnance survey.

Current Allocation:

03162 - BR blue
08195 - BR black  ( carries 13265 )
26010 - BR green  ( carries its pre-tops number D5310 )
37240 - BR blue  ( carries 6940 )
47449 - BR blue  ( carries its pre-tops number D1566 )

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