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Bournemouth T&RSMD

Post by Steve Blick on Thu Sep 14, 2017 10:56 pm


Bournemouth Traincare Depot
Nelson Road


Britannia Parking
Bourne Valley Road
BH12 1DS


A338 Grass Verge Option
99 Princess Road
BH12 1BQ

Situated around 3 miles west of Bournemouth city centre, the T&RSMD was built in 1966, this in readiness of the new electric train services, which first ran from London Waterloo to Bournemouth on the 10th July 1967. Previously noted for having the allocation of the class 442 units and with some these being withdrawn from traffic in early 2007, the depot is only now used for the stabling and maintenance of visiting EMU's and the occasional loco. 73133 is currently on site, this being the pilot.

The 10th July 2013, a new shed was opened at a cost of £3.5 million. Creating 38 jobs, this was for the overhaul and repainting program of the entire class 455 units, with all 91 of the fleet visiting Bournemouth over a 4 year period.

By Car - From the M27 and its entirety, continue along the A31 until reaching the signs for the A338, this signposted for Bournemouth and Christchurch. From here, get in the left hand lane and take the 1st exit at the roundabout, following the A338 for approx 11 miles. After passing over two islands in the process, immediately get in the left hand land as soon as you pass the Borough of Poole road sign. At the lights, follow this round, taking the 1st exit into Seamoor Road, this signposted for Westbourne and West Cliff. At the lights, keep left and then continue round left again, following the signs for Winton and the recycling centre. After about 200 yards, turn right into Prince of Wales Road and then right again at the junction. Immediately after passing under the two bridges, turn left into Nelson Road and the entrance to the depot will be on your left at the top of the hill.

To view the other side of the depot, continue along Nelson Road and turn 1st right into Brunstead Road and upon reaching the crossroads, turn left and follow along till the island. From here, take the 1st exit into Bourne Valley Road and then left at the junction. Immediately after passing under the railway, turn left into the car park and make your way over the very far side. From here, you should be able to see into the west end of the depot.

The 3rd alternatively and viewing the side of the depot, is to turn left from the car park, under the railway and then take the 1st left into Princess Road. Follow this right the end, park up and then climb over the wall or metal barrier and walk along the grass verge. From here, you can see alongside the shed, to which you wouldn't be able to see from the depot gates or from the car park. However, given the amount of vegetation lining the perimeter fence, it'll be unlikely you'll get a clear view from here. Although Princess Road is double-yellow lined for its majority, there are a few parking bays that you can use, although these will have timed restrictions. Given that you will only be away from your vehicle for around 10 minutes, leaving the car here shouldn't be a problem.

By Rail - Unfortunately, the depot isn't visible from any passing trains. However, with Branksome station being just a mile or so away, make your way across the station car park and turn right at the end of the road. Then it's 2nd right into Gorleston Road and follow this to the junction. Turn right, under the railway bridge and then left and up the hill into the car park. From the right hand side, you should be able to see into the sheds.

For viewing the other end, it's back to the main road, under the bridge and right into Bourne Valley Road. Then it's first right into Gordon Road and then right at the end of this road. At the crossroads, its right into Brunstead Road and follow this all the way till you reach Nelson Road and the depot perimeter fence. The entrance is on your right a bit further down this road.

For viewing the southern end of the depot, which cannot be seen from either the car park or depot gates, head downhill to the bottom of Nelson Road and turn right. Once under the railway, follow the road round to the right and cross the main road. From here, follow the grass verge and from the perimeter fence, you may be able to see any stabled units, although it may not be a clear view.

To get back to the station from here, make your way to the traffic lights and turn right on to the A35 Poole Road. Follow this for approx 1 mile and the station is immediately after the car showroom. To use all 3 vantage points, you'll need to leave yourself at least 1hr 30mins, maybe more, all obviously depending on how much time you want to spend at each location.

Notes - It seems the main entrance to the depot is fairly accessible by driving in, although it has to be confirmed on whether the gates are always open or are of the electronic keypad type. You can see inside the sheds from the main gate anyway, with the aid of either binoculars or zoom lens. By carrying on along Nelson Road, you may be able to see a unit or two, but the fence and vegetation gets in the way a bit further along.

Vantage Points - Just the two unfortunately, Nelson Road and the Britannia car park. On the opposite side of the line and in amongst an housing estate, a playground backs onto the line, but the bushes are far too high to see through or over. There is a 3rd, the grass verge just past the playground. Although the view won't be brilliant from here, you may see a few units through the perimeter fence. The angle isn't great though and the ever increasing bushes could very well hamper the view altogether. Obviously, the winter months will be a better option to visit if wanting to use this vantage point.

Photos - View of the depot sidings from the main gate.

Maps - Road.
           Birds eye.
           Ordnance survey.

Current Allocation:

73133 - Transmart Trains green

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