Gloucestershire & Warwickshire Railway

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Gloucestershire & Warwickshire Railway

Post by Steve Blick on Thu Sep 14, 2017 9:56 pm


Toddington Shed
The Railway Station
GL54 5DT


Winchcombe C & W Works
Greet Road
GL54 5LD

Notes - Along the line, locos and stock can be found at Toddington and Winchcombe. Toddington is where the main depot is situated, but unfortunately, this is out of bounds to the public. However, guided tours are a fairly regular occurrence, either by booking these in advance or awaiting any announcements during one of the lines galas held throughout the year. Entry is usually free, although a donation is very much welcomed.

Winchcombe is home to the C&W repair shop, with D2182 being the usual pilot there.

Station parking at both stations are free, as is access to the platforms.

Vantage Points - In regards to viewing the locos at Toddington, very little can be seen from the station car park and platform vicinity. However, a public footpath runs from the far platform and down along through the adjacent field. This eventually brings you near enough level with the south end of the shed, although you can't clearly see into the area from here. Locos and stock which are stabled next to the mainline, can be viewed easily though.

Apart from using a passing train, there are no other public vantage points for Toddington.

The shed area at Winchcombe can be viewed from the station platforms and a partial view from the car park, although very little will be clearly identified from the former. And like Toddington, there no other alternative vantage points apart from a passing train.

Photos - Partial view of the shed area from the public footpath at Toddington.
              Winchcombe station and C&W view.

Maps - Road - Toddington.
           Birds eye - Toddington.
           Ordnance survey - Toddington.

           Road - Winchcombe.
           Birds eye - Winchcombe.
           Ordnance survey - Winchcombe.

Current Allocation:

03069 - BR green  ( carries its pre-tops number D2069 )
D2182 - BR green  ( usually found at Winchcombe )  
20035 - CFD orange with a white solebar
20137 - BR green  ( carries its pre-tops number D8137 )
37215 - BR blue
37248 - WCRC maroon
45149 - Light blue primer
47105 - BR blue
47376 - Freight Freightliner
73129 - Electric blue

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